Monday, August 15, 2011

Youtube video - Tng Suah Nang by Unk Dicko

This video segment was recorded and filmed by Sitting In Pictures - the film company which is producing the on -going heritage documentary series "FOODAGE ".  So far 2 episodes have been aired on Okto tv every Thursday night at 10 pm. The song I did " Tng Suah Nang " is an old time campfire song we sang in the 50's and 60's. I accompanied myself on my Maestro Concert ukulele without any extra amplification. The segment was done impromptu without any prior rehearsal or practice. So do forgive any technical minuses if any. It was featured in episode 2 of Foodage shown on 11 August 2011.  It's now on Youtube.

In fact, if  I may say so, musicians like myself and others who know many old songs that are seldom sung or even heard of today should put it down on video or recording so that the next generation can learn from these same songs and how to sing them. Don't wait for a proper occasion like a recording studio. Just do it whenever the opportunity presents what I did here.
I'll put up the lyrics and the chord arrangements next.
Have fun, sing and strum along !

Monday, August 1, 2011

All about the ukulele, songs, chords, tabs and our performances.

Over the last several years, the ukulele interest in Singapore has steadily picked up. Today, there are more shops and outlets  catering to this growing following among our young, students, working adults and many seniors. Unk Dicko, as one of the oldest original ukulele players from the early 60's. is especially glad to see  all this new interest picking up not only in S'pore but worldwide.
There is so much I would like to share about the ukulele, ukulele chords and tabs, techniques and information connected with it that it is only logical that I start a ukulele website specially for this purpose alone. So, if anyone is into ukulele music and songs and would like to know more about the continue to visit this blogsite for interesting and fascinating news, info and updates.
Unk Dicko presently has a weekly ukulele Singalong and jamming session with his members. The Group is known as Dick Yip and the Garden Minstrels. We have a growing pool of ukulele players, an occasional guitar and percussionists. Everyone sings! Founded in late August 2010, the group led by Unk Dicko has performed and entertained on the big stage both privately and publicly. 
Weekly sessions are held on every Wednesday night at the Music Room, Level 3 of Serangoon CC at Sg North from 7.30 pm to 9.45 pm. There is no charge and ALL ARE WELCOME ! If you love singing the old songs and evergreens just come! If you have a penchant for ukulele or guitar bring them along! No prior registration is necessary. Just come and experience "live" ukulele music and singing provided by the Minstrels and Unk Dicko.

Our next session is on Wed 3 August 2011 at 7.30 pm.

           7.30  - Set up and getting ready
                   7.45  - Theme  - Music from Hawaii
    8.45  - Refreshment Break
8.55  - Anything Goes !
                        9.45  - Goodnight, until we meet again !

Each week, we will have a special theme for the session. This weeks's theme will focus on Hawaiian music which always go well with the ukulele.

Theme Songs
                1. Till we meet again  - Key of C
                                   2. Tiny Bubbles - Key of F and G (  step up )
                   3. Pearly Shells - Key of G  and C
                    4. Blue Hawaii   - Key of C and   A
            5. The Hukilau Song  -  Key F

Ukulele players should practise these 5 songs in the Major keys as stated paying close attention to rhythmn and easy, smooth strumming/plucking. Go to Youtube for many examples of how some of these songs are played and sung.
There are many good ukulele websites with lyrics and chords for many of the songs. If there are not, I will make copies for all when we meet.

Have FUN ! See You on Wed night !

Check out:  Dr Uke website for lyrics and chords